Cantata in C-Minor

Debile, with caution

25 March 1984
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A creature crept onto the shore
Out from the sea primordial.
It gasped and gaped, awash in air,
In movements most uncordial.
Its scaly skin, its saucer eyes,
Spoke to a watery past.
It gleamed amid the dawning sun
In eldritch bombast.
The creature looked around in awe
At all that lay in sight:
The blooming ferns, the churning brook,
The clouds in restless flight.
The thunder spoke behind it,
Restless power in monotone.
The creature whirled and looked out
On the sea, its former home.
How is one to choose
Between the future and the past?
Did God set this strange creature
On a straight and narrow path?
There were no answers for us
When we crawled out from the sea,
But here we are, surviving,
In our own naivete.